NOTE: Though the revisions of the profile template have been concluded, it is still better to avoid making new profiles until the rest have been adjusted to the new format.

FOLLOW UP: For those who makes their own profiles but have not completed them yet for any sort of reason, please run it by me (CNBA3) or any other admins why it is not finished and we will help out in finishing them, but we can't do everything alone without your help, not all of us are well verse in certain franchises, so we need your help in editing, adding and revising

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~ While the person who said it is not mandatory, it can be helpful

Enter brief intro here, with the name of the location and/or verse in bold (if the location is from a fictional verse).


Enter in brief summary of the Location, describe it's history, and/or how it was made (naturally/man-made).


Write down what the Environment is like in said location (Or not if it is an actual environment profile (Desert/Tropic Forest/Temperate Forest/Grassland/Arctic/etc)),, as well as describe what the weather, seasons, time span for the location, if there is night/day.

If it is not an environmental location, tell what it is, a city, a town, etc.? Describe what the design of the station/ship/vehicle/fortress is, this includes, propulsion, hull, armament, fortifications, etc..

Below are the sections required to describe each of the locations, each with their own specific details.




This can be covered in nations, continents, parks, valleys, etc..








Compositions (Buildings, roads, rivers, fields, etc)


Exterior Design

Interior Design


Hall/Physical Characteristics


Armaments (if any)

  • Note: this maybe subject to change if describing a fictional location.

Notable Locations

  • If talking about Star Systems, Describe the notable locations one said systems, (Planets/Suns/Asteroid Belts/etc.)
  • If talking about Planets, Describe the notable locations one said planet, (Nations/Settlements/Landscapes/Bodies of water/etc.)
  • If talking about Continents, Describe the notable locations one said continents, (Landscapes/Nations/Settlements/bodies of water/ etc.)
  • If talking about Nations, Describe the notable locations one said nations, (Landscapes/Provinces/Settlements/bodies of water/ etc.)
  • If talking about Settlements, Describe the notable locations one said settlements, (Areas/Buildings/Neighborhoods/Districts/etc.)
  • If talking about buildings, Describe the notable locations one said buildings, (Rooms/Halls/Corridors/Courtyards/Grounds/etc.)

Locations Types

The profiles can be describes in the following ways

  • Galaxies
  • Star/Solar Systems
  • Planets
  • Continents
  • Landscape types
  • Nations
  • Cities
  • Bases/Facilities
  • Stations
  • Ships/Vehicles
  • Large Buildings
  • Small Buildings






Describe what are the major and/or minor inhabitants are (they can be the animals that roam the planet but list a few notable species)

  • Describe who controls said locations.