This is to talk about the measurement of the Depth of any DC feat which is using various factors such as length, width, height of any elevated geographic structure, angle of the shadows in the crater. This falls under certain steps in process such as the First Step.

  1. First is finding the width and length (meters) of the end feat.
  2. Then we measure the max height of the geographic elevation.

Step 2) Below is the way to look at how to measure the angle of the shadows.

Depth Calc

So the basic of the calculations is this in order

  1. Measure a triangular shape by first drawing a line from where the shadow is cast, then line down to the edge of the crater is (height) then connect the lines (Length) to form a type of Scalene Triangle. Here is a link for examples of shadow angles.
  2. Length / Height = width of the shadow than convert to angular degree.
  3. width (From first step) * angle of the Shadow
  4. Afterward add the height of the geographic elevation (height step 1) + total depth (or not for low end)

Step 3) Next is to find the closest volume for calculations (Use the most accurate prism for this case then add the depth):

  1. Find the Width, Length then add the depth.
  2. Then multiply all three to get the volume by m^3 (if measuring by meters)
  3. then Multiply by method of destruction. Then you mad convert them to get the estimated result.

Image Angle

If push comes to shove, you can use the following site for angle/distance and size