This Calculation is for feats that involve compression of any scale. Here are a few things to find in order to get a reasonable formula:

  • Area (m^2)
  • thickness of the target (km)

Multiply them together to get the volume of said target, after that find the size of what the target is after compression or information for accuracy, once done that, do the following:

  • Size * Volume = volume after compression

Then you must find the compression value (minimum should be 69 MPa = 6.9e+7 N/m^2 = P)

Then we need to find the difference in the two volumes pre and after compression (∆V)

  • Pre Volume - After Volume = Difference m^3

Now we need to multiply botht eh compression value with the difference in volume.

  • P*∆V=Nm (Newton Metre)

Finally we find the the DC value by converting the Newton to Joules.