Comprehensive Destruction is a way of measuring the volume of how precise and concentrated an attack is and equates to how much energy equivalence there is to destroy something. Here is the methods of destruction in order from least to most destructive:

  • Minor Fragmentation = 8 j/cm³
  • Fragmentation = 69 j/cm³
  • Violent Fragmentation = 120 j/cm³
  • Pulverization = 214.35 j/cm³
  • Liquification = 12957.175 (j/cc)
  • Vaporization = 25700 j/cm³
  • Atomization = 30852.2j/cc
  • Sub-atomization = 5.403E13 (j/cc)

We apply this to the Feat Measurements.

NOTE: For Destruction Values of Fragmentation to Pulverization, we use Shearing Strength and Compressive Strength of materials to determine the amount of Joules per cubic centimeters.